CUNA Survey on the Target Data Breach

Please complete the survey as soon as you have reasonable estimates of any costs to your credit union associated with the breach.

Please also note: When typing responses to fill-in-the-blank questions, type in a single paragraph - do not hit the [Enter] key. Doing so will submit the survey before you have finished it. If you would like to separate your ideas, use characters such as dashes (-) or asterisks (*) to separate them.

1. Please tell us if your credit union offers debit and/or credit cards to members, and how many of each you have outstanding.

2a. Have you been notified by your processor or network that any of your members' cards have been affected by the Target breach?

2b. When were you first notified?

3a. Were you notified how many cards were affected?

3b. If you answered yes to Q.3a, please tell us how many debit cards and credit cards were affected.

3c. Has your credit union issued any EMV cards, and if so, were any of your affected cards EMV cards?

4. How much has call volume been affected by members asking about the Target breach, compared to normal for this time of year?

5. Has your credit union had to increase staffing (overtime, additional shifts, etc.) as a result of the Target breach (responding to member inquiries, account monitoring, freezing or closing affected accounts, etc.)?

6. Has your credit union reissued, or do you plan to reissue affected cards?

7. Other than having to reissue cards, has your credit union frozen and/or closed any accounts as a result of the Target breach? If so, how many?

8. Please estimate the total costs to your credit union of all costs related to card reissuance, and all other costs to your credit union as a result of the Target breach (additional staffing, member notification, account monitoring, freezing or closing accounts, etc.):

9. What is your credit union's asset size?

10. In which state is your main office located?

11. Contact Information (Optional).

12. Is this a resubmission of an earlier response to the survey?

Thank you very much for your efforts in responding.